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8 Ideas To Improve Customer Satisfaction.

It is important to keep our focus on our customers. Below we have 8 simple ideas to help us improve our customer service.
1. Just ask them – Whether in person, in print or over the phone, it is important to ask your customers exactly what it is that they want and need. Make use of feedback sheets, comment cards, mail-back forms, telephone scripts and more.
2. Conducting focus groups – Try to bring a group of your customers together for a chat session that is open-ended. Put them at ease and try to get them communication about what it is that they really like, do not like and also what they wish they could get from your business. Do not defend, argue or justify. Simply ask questions and take notes. Ending off with a ‘thank you!’
3. Study your compliments and complaints – Each message that you get from your customer is an opportunity to improve your customer satisfaction. Compliments will show you what to reinforce, while the complaints can point to new ideas and steps toward improvement
4. Customer hotline – Some of your customers will tell you exactly what they think but they would prefer to remain anonymous. That’s fine, set up a voice recording ‘hotline’ which is for customers only. Sort through the messages and find those that offer specific information about how you can improve your customer satisfaction.
5. Mystery shopper – Use someone that you can trust and have them mingle with your customers, finding out what they like and don’t like.
6. Be a customer of your competitors – Use your competitors products and services regularly and compare them to your own. Pay attention to the customer service that they give and ensure that yours is better.
7. Visit your customers site – Visit the physical location of the customers as you will then be able to see exactly how they have put your products and services to use. You will be able to see for yourself what works for them and what doesn’t.
8. Get more feedback online – Find a group on the internet that is related to your industry and what you offer, here you will be able to read about what other people in your situation are doing and what their tips and tricks are. It helps to participate in discussions in order to get a deeper understanding.

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