Body Language Training

A substantial amount of information is transmitted and received through non-verbal language, in fact, research indicates that in excess of 90% of meaning in a communication is conveyed non-verbally.

If one has no understanding of body language, then one is missing a vital tool for reading people.

Understanding body language allows people to present themselves in a manner that is more open, likeable and credible to others.

How we train you to read body language

Our body language training programmes are designed to teach how to read people effectively and at the same time to control your own body language to give that competitive advantage.

Some of the key points that we handle in our body language training programmes are:

  • What body language is
  • How to read it
  • How to fake it
  • Cultural differences
  • The eyes, the window to the soul
  • The reliability of body language
  • The magic of rapport
  • Body space and territorial needs
  • Voice tone and their meanings
  • The body language dictionary

Understanding body language becomes easy after you have been exposed to good quality body language training.