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How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

The reality of the world we live in is that we are going to be put under stress and pressure every now and then. For some of us, we might be stressed out more than other. And of course we all know the dangers of stress and the health risks that come with it. But regardless of that, we will still be feeling these emotions, and we do have a choice about how we handle it. We could let it kill us, or we could use it to better ourselves.
Stress Does Not Control Your Life
More and more we hear about stress, and how it is going to kill us, and how we can reduce stress. When the reality of it is, the things we do to ease our stress does not work, like eating comfort food, or starving ourselves, or not sleeping. These things are not productive, and yet we somehow let stress justify our toxic habits as a means to attempt to deal with it. We should rather be dealing with it in a way that actually reduces the stress and does not make us feel lifeless, defeated and empty. Stress does not control the way you live your life.
Stress Is Useful
That does seem absurd; however, it helps a lot of people do what they need to do, and from an evolutionary perspective, stress has been a great aid in our existence, it helps us survive. In a stressful situation, we have more power and more energy to push ourselves. Stress is a great tool to help us get our tasks done, because there is no time for any mistakes. Otherwise it is a great teacher, showing us our mistakes and reminding us that we need to approach our stressful situations differently.
Stress for the Better
Stress does not need to control your life, nor does it need to ruin your life. Once you have found the best way to deal with stress, be it exercise, art, better eating, or a new approach to your life, do it! Let your stress drive you to work harder and do better, and then enjoy the benefits of a job well done. If you’re looking for ways to improve certain areas of your life, visit Dr. Brian Jude and enrich yourself with his motivational speaking and seminars!

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Work Place

The term “emotional intelligence” may have been coined by scholars in the early 1990’s, but today’s business leaders have very quickly taken the concept and made it their own. According to EQ (emotional intelligence), success is very much influenced by your personal qualities such as self-control, perseverance and skill in getting along with other people.… Continue Reading

The Importance of Telephone Etiquette for Your Business

When answering a business call at the place you’re working at, it involves a much different approach than a regular, non-business call. When a customer calls your company, they will expect your undivided attention. They do not want to be kept waiting and they will want prompt answers. When you answer a call warmly, courteously… Continue Reading

Non-verbal Body Language Functions

What exactly is the point of non-verbal communication? What effect can it really have? Below are a few different functions that it can perform. Accenting Accenting is when you’re calling attention to a certain part of the message. When putting an accent on it, you’re creating emphasis and also making the item stand out more… Continue Reading

How to be More Productive at Work

We’ve all been there, with the Monday blues, the Friday fever or that lunch time lull. We all know those days or that week where not much gets done and our motivational tank is empty. Then there is that onslaught of pressure that follows to catch up the work we may have neglected and to… Continue Reading

Low Self-Esteem

Below we have some information about low self-esteem in children and teenagers and how it can affect them. Low Self-Esteem in Children We should keep in mind that on average, self-esteem during childhood has become relatively high. However, there are quite a few individual differences and some of these children will unfortunately experience feelings of… Continue Reading

Controlling Your Anger

The reason we have anger management is to try reduce both your emotional feelings and your physiological arousal that causes the anger. You can’t really get rid of the anger or even avoid, the people or things that make you angry, nor can you change them, but you could learn how to control your actions.… Continue Reading

Why Is Time Management Important?

Why is time management so important you ask? Well, the saying goes: “time is money”, and this statement alone is most probably the reason that half of the population are convinced that it’s so important! For the rest of you, the benefits are multiple. Let us explain why. First of all, time management is important… Continue Reading

What Are the Benefits of Attending Seminars?

Below we have some interesting information about seminars and how they are able to benefit you: Expert Knowledge – Seminars are able to give you intensive exposure to a specific topic through discussions and presentations led by multiple experts. The Norwood Business Portal states that seminars can be a perfect opportunity for people who are… Continue Reading

8 Ideas To Improve Customer Satisfaction

8 Ideas To Improve Customer Satisfaction It is important to keep our focus on our customers. Below we have 8 simple ideas to help us improve our customer service. 1. Just ask them – Whether in person, in print or over the phone, it is important to ask your customers exactly what it is that… Continue Reading