Changing your business to have a customer focus

If your business doesn’t have a customer focus, in fact a STRONG customer focus, you are almost certainly losing customers to your competition. All staff from the MD to the shelf packer or sweeper must buy into the concept of customer focus to make sure that our service levels are world class. Let’s explore 5 ways to make sure that we and all our staff are customer focused.


First – Attitude – How can you make it happen
“We can’t do that. That’s not possible. We don’t do that for customers.” These and any other negative statements and behaviours are not in the dictionary of the customer service superstar. Rather think in can’s… not cant’s. What can I do to meet my customers’ needs? How can I meet the demands of the customer within the framework of company policy. What solution can be found for us to reach a win – win situation. Attitude it the key to finding these “can do” solutions. When we change our mindset from a negative one to a positive “yes” attitude, we are more than halfway to finding the solution. Helpfulness becomes an attitude, and it’s one that our customers really like. A good attitude guarantees sharp customer focus. Research shows that the number one reason why we lose customers is because of an uncaring attitude by someone in the customer service delivery chain. And this one is just so easy to correct. Attitude training is a life skill that changes people from failures to top achievers.


Second – Enthusiasm
To deliver top class service, we need to be having fun. If we are enjoying ourselves the job is easy and the day just flies. It all boils down to enthusiasm. If you wake up in the morning with a buzz, knowing that you are going to make today a great day, it just happens automatically. I can make you a firm promise: The day that you learn to LOVE your job, will be the last day you ever go to work. Every day you will go to play, but never to work again. We spend so much of our lives at work, that we just have to make it fun. Enthusiasm is the petrol that makes your motor rev.


Third – Know what a customer is.. and isn’t, and keep Customer Focused
• A customer is the most important person in our work life.
• A customer is a person – not a number or a statistic.
• A customer can NOT interrupt our work. He IS our work.
• A customer is a friend not the enemy.
• A customer is the person who pays our salary.
• A customer is a source of pride. Allowing me to serve.


Fourth – Respect and politeness.
Old people, young people, men, women or children are all worthy of the same level of respect. Be polite at all times to all people and you have a recipe for success. Think how you would want people to treat your mother, sister, father, brother, husband or wife. Then afford the exact same degree of courtesy and respect to the customer in front of you. When we take the money to the bank, they never ask if it was young money, old money, man money or women money. They bank it ALL. Let’s put respect and politeness high on the list.


Fifth – Be professional
Being professional means knowing your company products and knowing your company systems. When a customer comes in with a query, and is then faced with a blank face and an answer of: “Hold on, let me find someone that knows if we can do that,” the customer is immediately turned off. Professionalism means doing your job well, to the satisfaction of three people: Your customer, your boss and yourself. Your customers leave the encounter with you with a feeling of delight, that they got what they came for. Your boss has a feeling of delight knowing that having you face to face (or phone to phone) with customers is good for business and good for creating long term committed customers. And you’re able to put yourself to bed at night with a feeling of delight, knowing that you were the best YOU that you were able to be that day… A true professional.

Customer focus is not an option, it’s a necessity.

“If we must disagree, let’s disagree without being disagreeable.” Lyndon B Johnson

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