Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is an integral part of management today. Staff need to be nurtured, taught and motivated to allow them to grow and develop.

Coaching and mentoring is the process used by managers to empower individual employees to perform at their best.

Coaching and mentoring is often necessary, for example; when employees either succeed or fail; when employees are new, or show potential; when new opportunities are identified; during setbacks and problems; and when employees are learning new skills.

How do we equip managers with coaching and mentoring skills:

We provide coaching and mentoring training that meets the needs of South African managers.

In our coaching and mentoring training programmes we cover:

  • Benefits of coaching and mentoring
  • What are the qualities of a good coaching mentoring manager
  • Characteristics of coaching
  • Characteristics of mentoring
  • Skills for coaching and mentoring
  • How to make the coaching process work
  • Characteristics of a successful coaching relationship
  • Roles and responsibilities in the mentoring relationship
  • How to effectively manage coaching
  • Modelling required skills
  • Goals and standards
  • Needs and expectations

A coaching and mentoring training programme from Dynamic Seminars will equip mangers with the skills and behaviour required to coach and mentor successfully.

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