Communication Skills Training

Good communication in the workplace is vital for the smooth running of any organisation. Managers need to communicate with subordinates. Employees need to communicate with management, and both groups need to be communicating well with customers.

For departments to work cohesively with one another, they need good communication skills. Good communication skills in the workplace are needed to be able to achieve the organisation’s goal and objectives, and at the same time create a pleasant working environment.

Working within a cross cultural environment means we need to understand effective communication in the workplace, working with different groups.

How do we enhance communication skills

Our communication skills programmes develop both verbal skills as well as non-verbal (body language) skills. Emphasis is placed on how to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Communication roadblocks are examined and solutions to prevent then are explored, including:

  • Inadequate vocabulary and language
  • Strong emotions
  • Distractions and noise
  • Verbosity and verbiage
  • Errors in perception
  • Wrong assumptions
  • Selective listening
  • Prejudice
  • Talking instead of listening

The quality of our relationships at work and at home, is dependent on our ability to communicate well with those around us.

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