Is The Customer Always Right?

We have all heard the famous saying, “the customer is always right!” This saying has probably made a whole bunch of people all around the world begrudgingly agree to an outrageous and unnecessary request to please a customer, which probably got them in trouble with their manager. But is this approach necessarily the right one for modern day businesses and brands to enforce upon their employees? Or do businesses need a new and updated philosophy that is more appropriate for the modern employee and the modern consumer? Of course we still need to put the needs of the consumers or clients high on the list of priorities!
Embracing The New World
Consumers, clients and businesses change over time as technology changes, as our needs change and our expectations change. The reality is that sometimes the customer is not always right and sometimes they can act unscrupulously for their personal gain. In a new trend brands are starting to operate their business with a purpose, and they are not driven by profit. They are gearing their business towards satisfying a need in an innovative and caring way. This purpose drives their business and not the bottom line.
Why The Customer Is Not Always Right
This philosophy is out of date and it is the wrong approach towards business for a few reasons. Firstly, it makes the employees unhappy, and they are the people your business needs to take care of because they are the face of your business. It lets some customers to take an unfair advantage of the brand in the hopes to get their way and maybe some free stuff. The customer does not know everything, they are not experts. Not every customer is great for your business. The right customers will gravitate themselves towards you.
How To Deal With Customers
It is still important to encourage your staff to give their best possible service to your consumer, it is just important to know that some consumers are going to have a problem with everything that you do. However, your employees are a more important asset to your success instead of one customer who only supports your business to the smallest extent? Of course your staff and your business still needs to work on providing the best service possible to every customer. But sometimes by trying to please everyone you are doing a disservice to your business.
Dr. Brian Jude
It is time for businesses to empower their employees, to get them to truly love their brands and their jobs. It is time to equip your employees with the skills that they need to do what is right for the brand and its purpose. Visit Dr. Brian Jude and view the dynamic seminars that he has to offer to help your business grow from the best South Africa has to offer!

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