What should be in a customer service job description

OK. So you’ve decided to put a customer service excellence programme in place and you now need to translate your mission statement into a practical job description so that your staff know exactly what to do. A job description needs to tell the person two things: What the job is and what are the requirements needed to do the job. It needs to be clear, easy to understand and practical. The staff member needs to be able to translate this into practical action: “What is expected of me.”


Customer service job description.
We are looking for people who have an overwhelming dedication to servicing customers, both internal as well as external People who will stop at nothing to make sure their customers are satisfied at all times.


Customer service job description – Responsibilities – What you need to do

    1. 1. You will be responsible for overall customer satisfaction in your department.
    1. 2. You will meet and greet customers and direct them towards a solution.
    1. 3. You will handle customer queries and complaints and either resolve or refer to the relevant person.
    1. 4. You will be trained on the products and services of the company and you will need to impart that information to your customers as required.
    1. 5. You will be required to keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis, either by phone or by email.
    1. 6. You will be required to work cohesively with members of other departments, to ensure the smooth running of the organisation as a whole.
    1. 7. You will need to meet the needs of your customers, while working within the boundaries of company policy.
    1. 8. You will need to present yourself in a professional and courteous manner.
    1. 9. You will need to report to management on a weekly basis.
    1. 10. You will be responsible for measuring the CSI (customer service index) in your department on a regular basis.
    1. 11. You will be required to cut through any red tape that your customers perceive as troublesome, by helping them with whatever is needed.
    1. 12. You will be responsible for collecting suggestions from your customers and feeding these back to management with suggestions for the implementation.


Customer service job description – Requirements – What we want from you
We want people who believe that customer service is not just a “nice to have,” but a “have to have.” If you can answer yes to all the questions below, then you are exactly the sort of person that we want.

    1. 1. Are you helpful to customers and to colleagues at all times?
    1. 2. Are you professional in your approach towards customers?
    1. 3. Do you have a pleasant – “Smiley” – disposition?
    1. 4. Are you enthusiastic about the work that you do?
    1. 5. Are you prepared to go the extra mile for your customers?
    1. 6. Do you have empathy and understanding?
    1. 7. When you make a promise, do you keep that promise?
    1. 8. Are you honest in your dealings with your customers and the people that you work with?
    1. 9. Are you a good communicator and listener?
    1. 10. Did you have a warm and friendly disposition, which invites people to connect with you?
    1. 11. Do you have a positive – “can do attitude” – towards your work and your customers?
    1. 12. Are you neat and presentable, and do you project positive body language?
    1. 13. Do you eat, sleep, breathe and live customer service at all times?
    1. 14. Are you prepared to attend training to learn and grow as a customer service consultant?

Be nice to people on your way up, because you’ll meet them again on your way down. Wilson Mizner

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