Customer Service Training

As managers and business owners, we have an obligation to see that our customers are treated as royalty each and every time. Customer service skills are lacking and together with poor attitudes, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Customer’s attitudes are influenced by the level of service they receive. Within commerce and industry in South Africa today, we are seeing a lowering of customer service levels. This is due to a lack of skills, a poor attitude and a lack of understanding of what a service ethic should be.

How do we enhance Customer Service?

Dynamic Seminars offers customer service training, designed to bring about both attitude change as well to develop customer service skills. We offer customer service courses that provide “hands on – how to” solutions that can be put into practice immediately.

In our dynamic customer service training programmes we explore:

  • What world class service is.
  • We examine how customer’s needs determine their perception of service levels.
  • We look at what customers love and what they hate.
  • Emphasis is placed on developing a customer service attitude, that creates a culture of service excellence.
  • The P.R.I.D.E. formula for great service is explained and methods to achieve it are taught.

The bottom line is that staff will not be able to improve their customer service without good quality training.

Preview “The Psychology of Customer Service” seminar: