How to be More Productive at Work

We’ve all been there, with the Monday blues, the Friday fever or that lunch time lull. We all know those days or that week where not much gets done and our motivational tank is empty. Then there is that onslaught of pressure that follows to catch up the work we may have neglected and to complete our new tasks at hand. Let’s face it; we aren’t doing ourselves any favours here. But how do we actually keep on track without any of those unpleasant feelings and bad influences that convince us to have a few extra coffee breaks? We need to maintain our motivation.

Why Do You Need To Stay Motivated?

On face value it is easy to see why you need to stay motivated, until you’ve reached that point where the motivation is limited by Facebook has plenty other things for you. But we need to remember that we need to maintain motivated and get through our work to the best of our abilities and be proud of what we have done. The more often we feel that pride and sense of accomplishment, then the more we work towards achieving that feeling again. It is important to understand that we are allowed to feel proud of ourselves, as long as we remain humble about ourselves.

How to Stay Productive At Work?

The first step to maintaining focus and drive is to turn off all social media, do not leave your Facebook or Pinterest tabs open, close them and silence those social text messages. You should also focus on being more organised, actively keep goals and check lists for the day, this way you don’t forget anything and you feel better every time you have completed a task. Avoid multitasking, it is more counterproductive than you realise. By staying focused on one task at a time, you’re able to completely properly and you allow for more creativity that way.

Avoid Distractions

The biggest culprit of a loss of work productivity is distractions. This is a general term that covers a lot of different little things that distract us. It is the small things like wanting to listen and join conversations when the task gets too difficult; or it is the need to reply to every email as it comes in, or that weird noise from the air con. These all need to be avoided. But this isn’t to say that you should not take a break from time to time, you really should, and it is all about balance.

Other Ways to improve Business and Efficiency

There are more problems that businesses face, besides unmotivated and unproductive attitudes. However, there are solutions to these problems that you might be facing that Dr. Brain Jude and Dynamic Seminars are able to assist you with. We offer books, audio books, DVDs and seminars that give you the tools to help you build and grow your business.

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