How to handle conflict

How to handle conflict effectively is a skill set that needs to be learned. Conflict is neither good nor bad. Badly managed, conflict is dysfunctional. However, well managed, conflict can be a platform for growth and development.

As conflict in the workplace is real, so too is there the need for conflict resolution in the workplace. People sometime think that if you just ignore conflict, it will go away. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen on its own. We need conflict management skills to manage the conflict effectively.

For organisations and groups to grow and develop, some degree of constructive conflict is essential. If everyone is going around agreeing with everyone else, then the morale may be very high, but productivity will take a dive.

To be creative – to develop new ideas and strategies – to be able to stay competitive we need constant input from the people within the team. Now obviously not all people will agree on all ideas. And this is where conflict can either be harnessed or where it becomes destructive. This is what makes conflict management training vital.

How we address Conflict and Anger Management

We present conflict management courses that impart both attitudinal change as well as skills to effectively manage conflicts.

Often we are forced into situations, which force us to work with, or be with people that we find difficult to get along with. Either people working for us, our customers, spouse, our peers or even our boss. Once in possession of good conflict resolution skills, the job is so much easier.

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