How to set goals

How many people really have goals? Goals not dreams. Very few know what the difference is.

Attitude and goal setting go hand-in-hand, invariably you will find that the reason why people are fired from jobs, is not as a result of job competency, but rather from bad attitude. This stems from not setting goals or even knowing what goal setting is.

A person’s attitude, and levels of motivation determine a person’s ability to set goals, but without knowing how to set goals, we can’t even begin.

How do we enhance goal setting

Our goal setting programmes show people how to set goals and how to recognise their own incredible potential, and how to use that potential for maximum results.

The power of positive thought is incredibly powerful and by setting goals we can harness this energy to create the results we want and deserve.

In our get what you set programme, we handle:

  • What is success
  • What are goals and how do they work
  • Why is goal setting important
  • Our responsibility for ourselves and our future
  • I’m OK – You’re OK
  • Goal setting and self-esteem

Dynamic Seminars programmes come up with workable ideas to improve bad attitude, through setting goals, so that we can start facing the world with our chin up high, and full of pizzazz.

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