Our Strategic Training Methodology.

Dynamic Seminars strive to create training programmes that meet customer’s need and produce results that are measurable and long lasting.


For training to be effective, it must meet a need. For this reason it’s important to do a training needs analysis to determine exactly what training is needed for each individual.


However many times you don’t know exactly what training is required at different levels. This is where we help you with a strategic training analysis. This way the specific needs can be uncovered, and training solutions can be recommended to meet those needs.


Our approach to strategic training is to create training courses that deliver “hands-on how-to” solutions that can be easily understood and put into practice immediately


Selecting a training solution

1. If you know what is required for your staff then you do not have to do any further needs analysis. It’s now a question of finding a training programme that will best suit your needs.
2. If you know that “some” training is needed, but are not sure what, just contact us. We will conduct a strategic needs analysis with you on the phone, or if the situation is more complex face-to-face.
3. We will recommend various training programmes covering the subjects that need attending. For example: customer service, selling skills, conflict management, management development etc.
4. Now we need to choose the right way for the training solution to be implemented. When looking at a training programme you will have a choice as to whether you send individuals to an open course where they will receive training in a group with others from different companies and industries or to run the course in-house. There are pros and cons to both. We are there to guide you through this process.
5. Where distance or costs prevent live training, the option of DVD training, audiobook or book learning can be explored.
6. For a training programme to become a strategic training programme it has to be tailored to achieve your desired outcomes. This process should always be done in consultation with training professionals. We are there for you to optimize your training Rands.