The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Work Place

The term “emotional intelligence” may have been coined by scholars in the early 1990’s, but today’s business leaders have very quickly taken the concept and made it their own.

According to EQ (emotional intelligence), success is very much influenced by your personal qualities such as self-control, perseverance and skill in getting along with other people. There are many studies and books that have been written about how you could improve your employee’s EQ, but those in hiring positions are more likely to make a better decision when they are looking for people who already have a high EQ score.

At many companies you will see that employer clients as well as contacts are working harder to better connect with both job seekers as well as employees. If you are wondering why, it is because they know that for them to keep their culture intact and to effectively be recruiting the right kind of candidates, they will need to engage and be transparent and open.

Workers who have a higher EQ are better able to adjust to change, work in teams, and be more flexible. Regardless of how many degrees or other on-paper qualifications a person may have, if they do not have certain emotional qualities, it is not likely that they will succeed. These qualities may also become increasingly important as the workplace continues to evolve, making more room for new innovations and technologies.

Employers will typically look for traits in a person that will be beneficial to their company, people who are going to thrive in the workplace and typically have a handle on their self-regulation, empathy, people skills, self-awareness and motivation.

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