Leadership Skills

Effective leaders are required to improve staff performance, and to influence or oversee the visionary work in the workplace and with the workforce. Although sound management techniques will go a long way towards overseeing this, leadership is vital for maintaining purpose.This programme shows you how.


Seminar Dates


  • 23 August 2018

Cape Town

  • 2018 – To be advised.


  • 2018 – To be advised.


Target Group

All individuals climbing the ladder of success – particularly managers, group leaders & supervisors tasked with strengthening their organization or work group.



  • To practically learn what separates leaders from bosses and followers, and how you can make an influencing difference in your work environment.



All training is best designed to achieve maximum group attention. Fast paced and entertaining, it allows the delegates to take away real practical skills, rather than just theoretical knowledge.



One morning; generally starts at 8h00 and run to about 12h00. Timing is dependent on locale.


Course Content

This seminar will help you understand what a leader does and how a leader must behave and perform. You will learn how to exude self – confidence, become a role model, and you will have the tools to take charge.

  • Are Leaders Born or Made?
  • Are You a Good Manager or a Good Leader?
  • Definition of Leadership
  • The Ideal Leader
  • What Makes a Good Leader
  • Formal vs Informal Leadership
  • Leaders & Attitude
  • Become a Flexible Leader
  • 18 Core Qualities of Successful Leaders
  • A Great Leader has a Succession Plan



All bookings are R795-00 (excl. VAT) per delegate attending.




Venue: Jeppe Quondam Conference Centre, 79 Boeing Rd East, Bedfordview
Time: 08:30 to 12:00
Dates: Select a date on the booking form

Cape Town

Venue: The Riverclub Conference Centre, Liesbeek Parkway, Observatory
Time: 09:00 to 12:30
Dates: Select a date on the booking form


Venue: Durban Country Club
Time: 09:00 to 12:30
Dates: Select a date on the booking form