Low Self-Esteem

Below we have some information about low self-esteem in children and teenagers and how it can affect them.
Low Self-Esteem in Children
We should keep in mind that on average, self-esteem during childhood has become relatively high. However, there are quite a few individual differences and some of these children will unfortunately experience feelings of a lower self-esteem.
In many cases of low self-esteem in children it can be related to the parents withholding love and affection from the child or physical punishment.
This has been described as conditional positive regard by Carl Rodgers, where individuals only receive positive attention from significant others (like their parents) when they behave a certain way. This makes the child think that they are only valued when they are acting a certain way, for example, passing a test or having good manners.
Very often a child with low self-esteem will rely on coping strategies that are counterproductive, things like quitting, bullying, avoiding, cheating and so on. And even though all children will display some of the above mentioned behaviours at times, having a low self-esteem is very strongly indicated when these behaviours appear on a regular basis.
Generally children who suffer from a low self-esteem are shy or withdrawn, and they will find it difficult to enjoy themselves. Even if they have quite a few friends, they will most likely yield to group pressure and they will be more vulnerable to being bullied. When at school, they will try to avoid trying out new things because of the fear of failure and they tend to give up quite easily.
Low self-esteem in teenagers
Your self-esteem will continue to decline during adolescence, more so in girls. Research shows that this decline is usually because of body image along with other issues associated with puberty.
Although both girls and boys have reported similar levels of self-esteem during their childhood years, by adolescence a gender gap seems to emerge, where adolescent boys have a higher self-esteem and adolescent girls.
The girls who suffer from low self-esteem appear to be much more vulnerable to perceptions of the perfect body image perpetuated in western media, this is often because of methods such as airbrushing models in magazines.
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