Management Concepts That Every Manager Needs To Understand.


What is management? To get a good understanding of any subject, I believe we need to define it accurately. So, what is management? Management is the science of bringing people and jobs together, in a manner that achieves two things: firstly, makes sure that the job gets done and secondly, keeps the staff well satisfied.


Management Concept One: It’s all about balance

Let’s look at that carefully. Getting jobs done is easy, all you need is a whip, big stick or a gun. We can beat people into doing things, but it’s going to make for a very unhappy workforce. So, let’s look at the opposite. We can hug our staff, take them out for lunch every second day and have a golf day once a week. The result will be amazingly happy people, but the problem is that the jobs just don’t get done.


This leads us to the first and most important concept that every manager needs to understand. BALANCE. It’s all about balance. A little bit of carrot and a little bit of stick. As a manager, we find that whatever we do on the one side of the scale affects the other side. We need to speak softly and gently but carry a big stick. The dictatorial, autocratic manager gets jobs done but staff satisfaction is low and staff turnover is high. The teddy bear manager is well loved by everyone, but the problem is that the work doesn’t get done. The answer… BALANCE.


Management Concept Two: Communication is super important

The next concept that every manager needs to understand is communication skills and structures. Good communication is required to gain rapport, trust and connection with the people we work with and is a vital management skill. Good communication skills allows one to work with people and through people to achieve win – win results.


Communication structures then need to be set up to allow one to communicate with one’s superior, subordinates, colleagues and customers. Lines of communication need to be open with all of these groups to make sure that we can communicate with them and they can communicate with us. This way problems, ideas, suggestions and all the small pieces of information that is needed to run smoothly, are interchanged easily and accurately between all groups.


Management Concept Three: Recruiting the right people

The third concept that every manager needs to understand is selecting and hiring the right people.  Gone are the days when one could make a hiring mistake on Monday and then arbitrarily fire the person on Friday. We need to pay extra attention to the interviewing, selecting and hiring process to make sure we get the right people into the job, every time. The cost of a hiring mistake is huge, it includes finding a replacement and the cost of lost opportunities along the way. Bottom line: Square peg – Square hole. Round peg – Round hole, means contented, motivated and productive staff.



Management Concept Four: Motivate your team

The next concept that every manager needs to understand is the need to motivate their employees. Some managers believe in the old adage: “I don’t have to motivate my employees, I pay them don’t I.” Well, this is a very short sighted approach. Paying people only makes sure that they get to the office or job. It doesn’t guarantee any productivity. Staff need to be motivated to perform at their best and this needs to be done regularly and consistently.


Now, motivation doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. One of the most effective ways of motivation people is with positive praise. Catch people doing things right and compliment and thank them. It is a sure way of making sure that they repeat the behaviour, because they like the outcome. Tom Peters, a management guru talks about getting an MBWA degree, that is learn how to Manage By Walking Around, and catching your staff doing things right.


Management is not difficult and can be fun. We just need to be trained to do the job right.


“Any man can make a mistake. Only a fool will persist with it.” Cicero




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