Audio CD: Conflict and Anger Management


On this 40 minute audio CD

No fancy theories. Just practical, hands on skills to manage conflict. If well managed, conflict can lead to growth and development. Left unmanaged, or worse badly managed, conflict can rip an organisation apart. There are specific, time-tested methods of working with conflict, to reach a win-win result. This CD will show you how.


Audio CD: Conflict Management

It is the ability to manage inter-personal relationships, and the conflicts that develop at all levels, that will make the difference between an individuals personal success or failure both at work and at home. This programme will show you how.

In our lives today, and more particularly in business, there is conflict. Is this necessarily bad? Conflict left unmanaged, or conflict badly managed, can lead to major problems. Conflict well handled, can lead to growth and development. This programme shows how to manage the monster.