Book: Managers Mistakes


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As managers, we have all made mistakes. This book looks at 28 of the BIG ones, with solutions to prevent them happening in the future. The format is a Hands on how to” practical approach to management.

Many people believe that one simply becomes a manager by virtue of working in a position for long enough. This then leads to a promotion which, after a while, puts one into a management position. Unfortunately, this is often the scenario and can have disastrous results. Just because an employee is a good credit controller, machine operator, sales person, lawyer or storeman is no reason to believe that that person will also be a good manager. Also, to expect that to happen without proper preparation and training is naive.Before anyone can be promoted they need to learn the skills that are required of a manager. These are skills that can and MUST be learned. To expect any individual to function as a manager without having the right tools is a recipe for failure.

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Book: Managers Mistakes

As managers, we all sometimes make mistakes. By examining the mistakes most often made by South African managers, we can develop solutions to prevent them, and create a more motivated group of employees.

People are our greatest resource. By managing our staff well, we are able to get better performance, with less conflict and problems. This programme shows how.