Book: Psychology of Customer Service


In this book

The purpose of this book , is to make sure that the customer really is the KING.

Customer Service has become the buzzword of the Nineties and into the new millennium. Everyone talks about it and precious few get it right.

The standard of service within South Africa today can be rated as indifferent at best, or very poor, to be brutally frank. The general trend is to treat the customer like a third class slave, as opposed to a king.

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Book: Psychology of Customer Service

The customer is king or queen. We just have to know how to make them feel that this is true. A MUST for all businesses today.

If we do not learn how to spoil our customers, to the point of creating superb relationships between them and us, then we face the risk of losing those customers to our competitors. This programme will show you how to deliver not just good service but EXCELLENT service.