Book: Stand Up, Speak Out and Win


In this book

This book will help you gain the competence and confidence to speak well in public.

There are few skills in life that you can learn that will give you confidence and self-assurance that will allow you to hold your head up high. One of these skills is the ability to speak well in public. The fear of speaking in public is known to be one that affects most people, young and old.

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Book: Stand Up, Speak Out and Win

When speaking in public, do you present with confidence and poise… or die inside. Presentations at meetings, in the boardroom or while making sales will become easier, more fluent, less stressful, and more productive.

If you have experienced the pangs of anxiety when called on to make a public presentation. Or if you have spent nights tossing and turning in fear of an impending speech… Then this programme is for you.