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DVD: Effective People Skills

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More people succeed or fail today because of their ability to relate to other people. It is this ability that shapes us into good communicators. One’s productivity is greatly enhanced by the ability to get along well with those around us. This programme develops a better understanding of others while also improving ourunderstanding of our own behaviour.




Target Group

All staff.

Objectives To quickly and effectively create rapport with others, so that people at all levels are more co-operative towards us.

Course Content

Recognising the differences in people allows us a better understanding of them. This programme shows us how to group people into one of four “styles.”
This is based on how assertive and direct a person is, and how responsive and open that person is. During the programme the delegates learn:

  • How to recognise each style.
  • How to identify their own style.
  • What each style likes and dislikes.
  • How to behave towards each of the styles.
  • By developing behavioural flexibility, we are able to gain rapport and co-operation quickly and easily. This programme shows how.