DVD: Live for Life – Avoid the Stress Mess

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Stress is well known today as the silent killer, being responsible for death, illness, lost productivity and conflict within both the work and home environment. It is only through understanding how to work with, as opposed to fighting stress, that we can avoid the negative effects of distress. This course will show you how to live a contented and productive life, without becoming a victim of the “Stress Mess.”




Target Group

All staff.


  • To analyse and define what stress is.
  • To focus on specific stress related problems.
  • To work towards practical solutions to them.
  • To improve relationships and increase productivity.

Course Content

Stress management is the key to improved productivity, with less tension, hassles and tears, and having more fun living. This programme will show you how to achieve this.


  • What is stress?
  • Defining stress.
  • The three faces of stress.
  • Neutral, positive and negative stress.
  • The physiological side of stress.
  • Fight or flight syndrome.


  • Signs and symptoms.
  • Behaviour patterns.
  • Identifying stressors.
  • Stress in the workplace.
  • Family stress.
  • Individual reactions to stress.


  • Maximising times for enjoyment.
  • Minimising times for distress.
  • Finding fun in your life.
  • Physiological factors.
  • Eating and exercise.
  • Breathing therapy.
  • How to use your brain more effectively.
  • Sleeping therapy.
  • Relaxation and visualisation.