DVD: More Hours in Your Day

R1 995.00

Time is a unique resource. There isn’t any more of it. Each of us already has all the time there is, yet few of us have enough. This course will not give you more time, but will show you how to make better use of the time you have. Time management is the key to improved productivity, with less stress, and MORE time to use as you WANT. This programme will show you how to achieve this.




Target Group

All staff.


  • To learn to make better use of time.
  • To be able to achieve more, in less time.
  • To develop skills that will make us, and the people around us more productive.
  • To improve overall effectiveness and productivity.

Course Content

Learn to take charge of your time and get more done, with less stress, this programme shows how.

  • Time – What it is. How to use it and not be used by it.
  • How well do you manage time?
  • How to set objectives and work with a “To Do” list.
  • Setting priorities.
  • The difference between urgent and important work.
  • The 80/20 rule.
  • Speed reading.
  • Speed sleeping.
  • Paper management.
  • Desk management.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of poor delegation.
  • How to handle procrastination.
  • How to handle correspondence.
  • How to handle telephones.
  • How to handle visitors.
  • Unrealistic deadlines.
  • How to handle meetings.