DVD: Performance Management

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The performance of staff members is often a major source of concern to organizations employing them. Effectively managing staff performance requires particular skills, positive attitudes, and a sound, well planned approach. This course will give you the skills to maintain or improve individual and group performance levels, encourage positive ongoing workplace relationships, and counter drops in performance.


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Target Group

This course is for everyone who directs the activities of others.


This seminar will help you understand how a well implemented Performance Management System can be one of the most positive and proactive tools an organization has to communicate with employees. Participants will learn how to:

  • Monitor and appraise performance.
  • Establish a work climate conducive to productive performance management.
  • Prepare and conduct performance discussions that encourage an exchange of information, and produce better results.

Course Content

All managers must continually monitor and assess their employees’ work and skill level. An effective performance managing process will help all parties to work better together, and to remain focussed on mutual goals and objectives.

  • The management of performance
  • Understanding what affects work culture and work ethic
  • Making organizational and managerial needs understandable
  • Matching organizational and personal goals
  • Goals – what we aim for
  • Finding value in work
  • Establishing Performance Agreements
  • How to develop employee self – confidence
  • Causes of poor or unacceptable performance
  • Giving feedback
  • Performance Managing as a style of management
  • Coaching and Counselling for improved performance
  • Criticising appropriately
  • Getting people to perform and maintain desired behaviour
  • Getting even better results out of your “superstars”