Telephone Skills

Telephone etiquette is vital in business today. Every time a phone rings, it’s an opportunity to do business. Good telephone skills can change a cold call into a solid business opportunity.

A telephone is neither good nor bad, with good telephone manners it can be an enormous business tool and time saver. However, without good telephone skills it becomes badly used and it becomes the enemy, costing us business opportunities.

In looking at tele manners, we need to understand that the person answering the phone is the shop window of your company. Make sure that the telephone manners of the telephone staff reflects the kind of image that attracts customers, rather than repel them away.

How do we enhance telephone skills

Our telephone skills training programmes are designed to teach effective telephone manners easily and quickly.

They are aimed at telephonists, receptionists, secretaries, PAs, tele-sales people and all people who use the phone as their primary method of communicating with customers.

We look what to do and what not to do to make you into a first rate telephone communicator. Telephone manners are not complex nor difficult to learn.

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